3rd annual stars stellar humanitarian honoree rev. dr. johnny ray youngblood’s surprise dance. we surprised him. and he surprised us.

at the 1st Stars event with daughter dominique sharpton, rev. al sharpton gets down. we know james brown is proud.

2nd Annual Stars Stellar Humanitarian Honoree Susan L. Taylor give us an assignment.

8th Annual Stars Stellar Humanitarian Honoree Malik Yoba’s Big Surprise

New York City’s First Family kicks off the 1st annual stars of new york dance

4th annual dancing star rev. joel youngblood of mt. pisgah baptist church channels Michael jackson with his dance partner naeemah brown of cradle-n-the rock youth dance ensemble

Public advocate letitia james? beyonce? we’re not sure. 2nd annual stars of new york dance.

For the 8th Annual Stars event, Bevy Smith does what she does best; Chat, Spill the Tea, and Get to the Scandal of it all!

george faison, 7th annual stars stellar legend of dance honoree, likened his honoring to winning the Tony Award all over again, and we’re here for it!

brooklyn borough president eric L. adams, 6th annual stellar humanitarian honoree, had no idea he’d be dancing. his stanky legg rocked the house.

2nd annual stars Special Guest Dancer NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer’s delightful dance to the podium.

NYC Council Member laurie cumbo and her dance partner Jamel Gaines of creative outlet dance theater of brooklyn at the 2nd annual stars of new york dance. The drama. the Humor. the suspense. Five Stars.